About C.A.T.
C.A.T. Paranormal of Minnesota, better known as C.A.T, is a paranormal investigation team in Southern Minnesota.  The team members at C.A.T. are passionate about what they do and are available to help with  all paranormal activity for residential and commercial buildings. The following services are available free of charge:

Spiritual Grounding
Spiritual Healing

*We are not out to prove or disprove the existence of the paranormal. We use data collected in our investigations to assist our clients with all other listed service.



As members of the Coexisting Afterlife Team –Paranormal Investigators of Minnesota, better known as C.A.T., we adhere to the following code of ethics. All investigators on the C.A.T team will follow these code of ethics for you before, during and after an investigation.  

Coexisting Afterlife Team Code of Ethics

      I.        Team members will conduct themselves in an appropriate and professional manner at all times.

     II.        Team members will be respectful of public and private properties at all times.

    III.        Team members will not discuss cases outside of the team when a client wishes to remain anonymous, regardless if membership is    terminated at a later date.

   IV.        Team members will not be under the influence of alcoholic beverages or narcotics during an investigation or meeting.

    V.        Team members will never fake or falsely claim paranormal activity. This includes but is not limited to experiences, images, recordings or data. Members doing so will be permanently banned from participating in any future investigations, meetings or events.

   VI.        Team members will be respectful of all equipment owned by C.A.T. or other team members.

  VII.        Team members will leave all personal electronic devices such as IPod, IPad and cellphones at designated command central before the start of any investigation.

 VIII.        Team members during an investigation will keep an account of their location at all times within the boundaries of the investigation area and document on recorder when moving to different locations regardless if the location is just another room on the same floor.

   IX.        All team members attending an investigation must run a risk assessment to the location prior to the investigation taking place. Any health and safety issues must be brought to the attention of the lead investigator and any attending guests will be informed therein before the investigation.

    X.        Team members will not smoke during an investigation except in areas designated by the lead investigator.

   XI.        Team members will not invite guests to investigations unless otherwise pre authorized by founder Kim Juarez.

  XII.        Team members will not organize or carry out any investigation under the C.A.T name, unless authorized to do so by founder Kim Juarez in writing.

 XIII.        Team members must be 18 years of age or older to be a member of C.A.T unless authorized in writing.

XIV.        C.A.T will never charge a client a fee for an investigation, but donations are appreciated.

 XV.        Any donations received will be graciously accepted and all funds will be used for future investigation expenses, purchasing new    equipment or for the betterment of the team. At no time will funds received be used as personal monetary gain.

XVI.        C.A.T. will always give an objective and honest opinion of their findings to the client.

  1. Kimberly/ Lead Investigator
    Kimberly/ Lead Investigator
    It amazes me when I was younger, I would see spirits, shadows or ghostly images and I knew that nobody would ever believe me. I’m just so thankful my mom did and is very open about spirits. Now a days I see the media and people how they would catch ghostly images on camera or video its crazy how many there is, of course in my mind how many are fake? Or true? If someone would have told me that one day I would catch spirits on film, I would not have believe it. There are spirits all over the world wandering day or night most don't know they are dead and think they are still alive, some have unfinished business while others have gone to the light but come back to watch over us. Now I’m hoping with my psychic abilities that one day they get stronger and I can help these wandering spirits move into the light so they can be at peace and their families know that they have moved on. I thank God, my higher power, for my abilities, to be able to help others and that I’m setting out to do with the help of the C.A.T. and the Minnesota paranormal team, what a great day, Friday the 13th and this beautiful full moon to talk about spirits. I took this picture a few weeks back with my daughters and I thought this is a great day to share
  2. Kari/ Investigator
    Kari/ Investigator
    Kari's Bio My name is Kari. I'm one of those people who watch paranormal shows on t.v. They fascinate me, and really make me wonder. I'm looking to find answers to the questions that, if we're honest, everyone has.....do "they" exist? For me, I would like to help them in any way I can.
  3. Dorothy/  Investigator
    Dorothy/ Investigator
    My name is Dorothy. I joined this group because I like learning the history of places. I have had my own experience when i was I little.
  4. Jamie Investigator\Audio Analys
    Jamie Investigator\Audio Analys
    I am interested in the paranormal. I have a passion to help others, and an interest in knowing what is on the other side. :)